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308 East Lancaster Ave Feasibility Study
Wynnewood, PA

A private equity financial and insurance services company purchased a 1950’s speculative office building as their new headquarters with additional leasable space and hired us to investigate options to improve the occupational and operational performance of the offices. In considering and analyzing the myriad of options available to improve the energy efficiency and quality of being in the future offices, we used an integrated design approach. We pursued cost effective solutions that have synergistic results; ones that provide value in more than one area of consideration. The main areas of study have been lighting, daylighting, building envelope, HVAC systems, acoustics, material selection and indoor air quality, tax credits and utility rebate programs.

The following cost-effective measures were recommended to provide significant increases in building performance:

  • Improved lighting design, and fixture and controls selection.
  • Daylighting approach should include external or internal shades and sun tubes. If internal shades are selected, window film should be applied to glazing on the southeast, southwest and northwest elevations to reduce heat gain.
  • Improve the existing building envelope: Add interior insulation to the bottom of the concrete roof slab. Add exterior rigid insulation and stucco finish system to the exterior walls.
  • HVAC upgrade: Add demand-based ventilation and additional VAV zones.
  • Acoustics: Select a ceiling tile with a NRC of 0.65 or greater.
  • Material selection: Select materials that are durable, sustainable, and have low or no VOC content and low toxicity.
  • Federal tax credits: With care, the tax credits for lighting upgrade should be achievable.

Our recommendations were followed and implemented in the tenant fit out of our client’s offices and the renovation of the exterior of the building.