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760 South 11th Street Feasibility Study
Philadelphia, PA

We provided a feasibility study to the current Owner to convert their 1930’s era factory into business lofts and maximize the revenue potential of the structure. Our study included the physical survey of the existing conditions of the building, its structure and improvements, an assessment of the same for its intended use including a zoning and building code analysis, architectural pre-schematic design of the common spaces and amenities per floor and the Owner’s offices, cost estimating of the improvements upon completion of the pre-schematic design, and a summary of our findings. The design priorities included maximization of existing building attributes, maximization of leasable floor area, cost effective reuse of existing building structure and facilities, and creation of attractive and efficient offices. The building occupies 100% of its lot and has no off-street parking. In the course of our study, we identified an option for creating sub-grade parking in the Basement of the existing building that would significantly enhance the value of the property. Our study identified the potential for 77% leasable space within the existing building.