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Sheep Farm Road Land Planning
Weybridge, VT

We subdivided a 41 acre site into three residential lots. Our goal was to identify and save the natural assets of the site and turn them into focal points. We engaged a naturalist, conducted site walks, and used aerial photography, property surveys and topographic maps to inventory the natural features. By mapping the natural features, we created three distinct settings: a wooded lot with a former sap line of ancient sugar maples situated on a ridgeline, a white birch glen on gently rolling land, and an old farm field and orchard with a vernal pool bordering the far side of the lot line. All of the lots are bordered with a recreational trail that parallels a gently flowing stream on the western property line. We restricted the building envelopes to conserve natural resources, enhance site views and maintain a sense of rural privacy while providing good opportunities for solar orientation and natural daylighting of the houses.