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Stony Lonesome
Marietta, OH

One of the oldest, extant timber framed houses in Ohio, this circa 1825 house sits near the top of the 2nd highest point in Washington County. The dilapidated farm house, purchased by a 3rd generation cousin, never had been modernized with interior plumbing or electrical services. The past creature comforts had been limited to gas lamps and wood stoves. We surveyed and documented this remarkably intact structure and identified a preservation timber framer to properly dismantle and repair the timbers in preparation for its reassembly. We designed a modest addition to complement the smaller scaled spaces of the original house and sited it for multiple purposes. The addition takes advantage of stunning views, creates a courtyard setting, and is set back from the approach side of the original structure to maintain the visual dominance of the farmhouse. Defining features like the simple, yet bold eave and the bush-hammered foundation stones are preserved. When reconstruction is complete, the farmhouse will be preserved as the heart of a timeless home.