Design Process

Our design process begins by establishing a strong partnership with our clients. Since we approach each project without preconceived notions; we can ask the right questions and listen carefully to fully comprehend our clients’ needs and wants. This open communication and exchange of ideas form the basis of our inventive solutions. By knowing your dreams and goals and understanding your lifestyle or business drivers, we create designs best suited for you. Whether designing an urban park, an office building, a home, or a furniture piece, we follow core design principles: understanding our clients’ needs and desires, gathering detailed site information, utilizing the most appropriate building materials and managing the project budget and schedule. As we analyze and present critical issues, possible options, and recommend the best choice(s) at the right time, we invite the client to participate in the design process. We utilize current CAD software and a variety of 2-D and 3-D design tools to help our clients visualize the design concepts. Our principal, Matthew Millan is involved in every project from start to finish and at least one associate is assigned to each project for its duration. Each staff person contributes his/her creative skills and technical experience to strengthen our solutions. We employ a team approach to deliver to the client the best design solution possible.

Starting at the Site

We recognize that each site possesses an unique spirit and character. Our designs relate to and cultivate this natural spirit. Always sensitive to context, we design buildings that engage their setting by conceiving the outdoor spaces in concert with the interiors. Solar orientation, prevailing wind patterns, flora and fauna are important considerations as well as site access, parking, zoning regulations and design guidelines. Whether the site is a remote wooded glen or the infill of an urban block, we design structures that maximize the site’s amenities and enrich their natural setting.

The Building Matters

Our goal is to create interesting and efficient structures that are inspiring, functional and comfortable. We are committed to energy conservation with a tendency towards incorporating simple and economical solutions into our buildings. We have extensive experience in the adaptive reuse of materials and pride ourselves in selecting building materials for their aesthetic as well as their environmental impact. Through close attention to detail, we execute the design intent at a fine scale. We remain active with our clients throughout the construction to ensure the quality of the project. Working closely with clients and the contractors, we resolve questions and make modifications as needed to optimize design opportunities and resolve construction issues.